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Provoking new ways of thinking about old topics


I am not a Five-Paragraph Essay

We are encouraged to live our lives in a way that mirrors a five-paragraph essay.

Extremely Healthy

I'm extremely healthy.
I wasn’t always.

What's your secret to looking so young?

Put the beauty industry out of business. Be mistaken for a college student, at any age.

Prisons are failing. It's time to find an alternative.

How do we move to a new paradigm for delivering punishment?

We have solutions to crime. We just need to scale them.

Social replication can enable interventions to remain locally-responsive, while driving forwards global scale to maximise impact.

5 Ways to Leave Well

Practical steps for a Founder/CEO to thoughtfully transition out of their organisation.

Whose Data is it Anyway?

How a co-design approach to evaluating programmes with incarcerated people can overcome challenges.



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