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Extremely Healthy

I'm extremely healthy.

I wasn’t always.

I used to be inactive.

But then I decided to invest in my physical fitness.

Of course I didn't just replace the couch with the occasional gym visit! Why settle for muscle alone when you can reach 6% body fat?

I worked out three times a day, signed up for the next Ironman, and started bench pressing my truck.

I'm extremely healthy.

I wasn’t always.

I used to be overweight.

But then I decided it was time to invest in my nutrition.

Of course I didn't just swap out the fries for some greens! Why just lose a few pounds per week when you can shed 50lbs in two months?

No, I went full keto. And paleo. That is, on the days that I eat; I’m on a water-only fast half the month.

I'm extremely healthy.

I wasn’t always.

I used to feel emotionally unfulfilled.

But then I decided it was time to pursue a spiritual path.

Of course I didn't just start a gratitude journal! Why settle on self-reflection when you can complete the 300 hour intensive yoga teacher training and reach peak zen?

I went straight on Wim Hof’s ice bathing course, attended Joe Dispenza's Progressive through Advanced meditation summits, and then spent 24 months contemplating my essence at a silent Vipassana retreat.

I'm extremely healthy.

But I still feel like my health is off.

I track my sleep through my smart ring.

I analyse my heart rate variability with my chest monitor.

I check my blood work with finger-prick home tests.

I control my gut bacteria by closely investigating my stool.

I support my microbiome through nootropics, probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.

All my results are consistently in the top percentile (of course).

How could I possibly be unhealthy?

Oh no...

I knew it.

I’m on the verge of death.

I’ll have to do more.

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