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  • Baillie Aaron

To My Friend in Need

My friend

I see you wrestling with yourself

Teetering on the precipice of a cliff

Numbing your senses with pleasure and pain

Unaware that you are steps from the eternal shade

I would not gift you peace

I would not gift you tranquility

I would not gift you calm

I would gift you a storm

So that you seek shelter

And take care of yourself in a safer haven

I would gift you lightning

So that you have cause to examine the sky

And reconnect with your North Star

I would gift you an earthquake

So that you recognise the unsteadiness of the earth you’re on

And move yourself to solid, supportive ground

My dear friend

On the precipice of change

It will not help for me to gift you what you desire

You will find quiet soon

I pray it is the inward peace you seek as you listen to yourself

Rather than the outward peace that surrounds a silent dying heart

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I love it, the divine is talking trough you. I can feel it. On the precipice of change. It will not help for me to gift you what you desire. Thank you universe for not giving me what I “think” I need or desire. You have always shown me that what you give me it’s better than what I could have imagined.

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