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DJ Class

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Baillie has DJed in 8 countries including the UK, Netherlands, Australia and France. As a dancer and former pianist, she has a strong musical ear and sense of what makes people want to dance. She's most passionate about urban African & Caribbean music - urban kizomba, afrobeats, ghetto zouk, basshall.

Instagram for past and future events

Soundcloud for mixes and live sets

Bookings via DJaayz or email directly

Intro to DJing Class

Baillie believes everyone can learn to DJ, but it helps to have a good teacher. In her 2 hr intro to DJing class, students will leave with the skills to play a set off their laptops. She has broken down the key concepts she has learned in a format that makes the information digestible and accessible to new learners.

Her classes cover: beat matching, cue points, loops, transition techniques, music library management, using software & controllers. They can be delivered in person or online. Email for more information.






My name is Reinard, an enthusiast SBKZ Instructor from Indonesia.

I took one on one session with DJ Baillie, her explanation and teaching approach is all that I needed. She more than taught me how to start DJing; she also shared her point of view and her style of DJing.

If you are looking something technical yet at the same time a full exploration opportunity, you should contact her to book your session.

One word from my session with DJ Baillie is “inspiring”.

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