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Thoughtful provocation and perceptive insights. Act with intention. Find inner joy. Live your dream. 


My approach to coaching is to be your sounding board. I blend powerful questions, insightful perception and other coaching tools with sharing personal experiences when relevant and requested. I believe in knowledge sharing. Consider me a supportive, critical friend.

I will not give you advice, but will support you to trust your own judgment and intuition.

I trained in transformational, co-active coaching with CTI and facilitation with the Gestalt Centre.

Founder Transitions

Transition is beautiful - if we allow ourselves the space to explore it intentionally. I will support your unique journey navigating an identity shift, whether it is a planned career move or a disruptive illness, and everything in between. I love working with founders.

Finding Your Dream

Feeling off-purpose? Lost your connection to your dream - or haven't found it yet?

I have a gift for seeing the potential within others, and a strong track record of enabling individuals to find and live their purpose.


Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is uniquely empowering - or burdening.


Leveraging my personal experience, we can broach topics like approaching moral dilemmas; shifting away from 'victim' or 'martyr'; learning to prioritise oneself; managing advice overwhelm; enjoying fundraising; and selecting a Board.

Holistic Insight

Looking for a new perspective? 


I'm skilled in recognising patterns to ask those rare, powerful questions that will lead to a breakthrough. My goal is to help you reach greater life alignment, feel even more fulfilled and realise your dreams in a values-aligned way.

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